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Sweet Home Free Will Baptist Church
Summit, Mississippi

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Our Favorite Links


God's Yellow Pages  Are you afraid?  Angry? Sad?  Do you wonder about your salvation?  This site works just like the Yellow Pages of a phone book.  But instead of calling your neighbors or a local business, this site points you to places in the Bible that will meet your current need!

Online Bible Study  Challenge yourself to grow stronger in the Lord!

Christian Free Stuff  Everyone likes to receive things that are "free."  This site is a collection of things that you may receive for free, to help you in your Christian walk.  There are books, graphics, cards, etc.

Top Ten Reasons for a Church Website  A great introduction to websites for church use.  This is good information for anyone seeking to make your ministry grow!

Evaluating Your Spiritual Gifts  A good tool to use as you learn more of what God has given you personally!

Opening Your Spiritual Gifts  Take your assessment a step beyond and find out how to operate within your gifts.  This site gives you an online evaluation!

An Interview With God   A moving flash experience that will make you think about the love that our God has for His children.

An Interview With Jesus  Another flash presentation.  Worth the watch!

Bible Study With Children  A warm site with great resources for Bible Study with young children.

Activities for Christian Teenagers  Resources for Christian will never run out of ideas when using this site!



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